World Design Team – Dreamliner Boeing 787


To think I wanted to be a Royal Air Force Pilot! Alas, I became a designer completely unplanned... and in time landed a job in designing the Boeing 787 Dreamliner!


Almost ten years ago now I was invited to join the World Design Team with Boeing to help design and in a way revolutionize the jet aircraft.


We all now know of the advancements this plane has achieved! Yet several years back the idea of an all composite plane with entirely new systems was quite a reach! But that what Boeing does best! Back in the sixties they rolled out what people said would never be able to fly...the Jumbo Jet 747.


Being on a team and working on interior lighting, fabrics and tactile understanding of materials with a large team was exciting, rewarding and in turn a joy to see how people now react and comment on their experience of flying in the plane!


It gave me a whole new understanding of how a well-conceived idea and a first use date several years down the line needs tremendous patience and thus one has to admire these visionaries, and their ability to dream big and wait big before their dream comes to fruition!


Thank you for the experience.