The mistakes we make, make us better. Let me explain!


Consider all the fabrics in the world, then all the paint colours (just from one supplier)! Then all the types of furnishings, flooring, stone, wood, lighting options.. You get the idea! The combinations are endless and so are the possible mishaps we designers are able to make. It's impossible to get it right every time. So in these short stories I cover some of the more interesting mistakes and take the opportunity to cover some other various issues the world of design presents us with!


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Interior design I have produced from around the world



World Design Team –

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

To think I wanted to be a Royal Air Force Pilot! Alas, I became a designer completely unplanned... and in time landed a job in designing the Boeing 787 Dreamliner!...



Good to be on time, even better to be early!

I invited my Director to visit with me a home in Kensington that I was Designing! My Task was designing the lower part of the home! The rest had already been completed and to such a high level I wanted him to see it!...