Olympoly Board Game


In 1983 my brother and I wanted to make a difference, we always loved watching the Olympics.


As kids we were always competitive in athletics, especially at the 100 and 200 metre sprints. Alas, there wasn't so much money to help up and coming athletes who had promise and/or aspirations of being the best!


Hence we invented Olympoly, an Olympic based board game, for the 1984 Olympics and against all odds and nea sayers we were able to achieve lovely success even if it was a little short lived!


Prior to the success we were determined to become the official board game of the Olympics and by doing so a portion of the profits would go toward helping athletes improve and succeed in the desires and quests to be the best.


Not only did we succeed in being the official board game, we also got Duncan Goodhue to be our official spokesperson and we got a patent for our Design. We became the first board game where the winner was not the finale of the game as second and third, silver and bronze we eagerly championed for also! And we were given the British Design Award for the overall design and layout of the game!! Keep in mind this was before computers, super graphics and modern printing.


Companies such as Harrods, Disney and others all wanted to be part of the success of the game!


It was a lovely achievement. Alas, Waddington games took offence to the name and dug in their objection to the point of stalling our success beyond the start and finish of 1984 Olympics. Even though we had every right to our name and had obtained the trademark, fighting a giant was certainly in our ethos but we did not have time to do it!


To this day one laments at what could have been. Thankfully British athletics have come a long way! Although we could do with a few more Sebastian Coe's.