Not just a garbage can -  but a work of art!


Article By Daily News

Here's something for the rich guy who thinks he has everything: a trash-talking garbage can.


"I love trash, but you are testing my limits" admonishes a recorded message when the pedal is pushed on a souped-up receptacle for auction in Soho.


Artist Evette Rios is one of 35 artists and celebs who did a custom makeover of the classic 4-gallon pedal trash can by Danish design house Vipp (, celebrating its 70th anniversary.


"Everybody's talking trash - everything is so scandalous and salacious these days" said Rios, 29, who splattered hers with a ragtag collage of lip images. "It's the perfect way to deliver a message for the way our society is today."


And it all benefits charity.


The 4-gallon cans normally sell for $319 but bidding starts at $500! Proceeds will go to DIFFA - Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS.


Among the A-list names designing the other 34 custom cans are drag doyenne Lady Bunny, Yoko Ono, and design gods Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein.


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