Jessica McClintock: Dr Design I have a problem


My cousin called me, at the time she was the manager of the Flag ship store of Jessica McClintock on Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills.




"Can you come up to the store as soon as possible?"

 "Yes of course, what's wrong?"

"Our Christmas decorations are going to arrive after next Monday!"


"The Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills decorating contest is the day after tomorrow! Oops!"


A few hours later I was with my cousin at the studio!
A wonderful corner unit on Rodeo drive and certainly an eye sore should one not have decorations up!

Also, I should add it was facing the Beverly Wilshire Hotel! Exposure at its best!


"So what do we have to work with?!", I ask.

"Well nothing really, unless we go buy stuff! But of course, it would be off the shelf items ...not suitable for a bespoke couture design studio! "

"What's in the storage room?"

"We’ll have a look!"


 We enter the storage room….

"It's big! It's full... of well, let's say used items!!"

"OK time to order pizza!!"


I used all the creativity I had and assembled the best of the worst of the store itinerary and started to decorate the windows. At 2am we were finished – all the pizza windows and energy! Fortunately Rodeo and Wilshire are very quiet after midnight so we made many walk bys to get the final eye right!!


"Cousin, that's it anymore and will have us double guessing!!"


Well, two days later and 1am my cousin calls me and tells me: "Guess what! WE WON the prize 1st place!!


Now to put this into context: you have over 60 of the world’s top brands from Chanel to Harry Winston to Fendi… And we won!! Albeit with a trashy look!!


My cousin had called Jessica to tell her the news and she was ecstatic and said she would send her the Elegant Lucite trophy. Jessica told her to make sure I should have it and to this day I treasure it, for all is sentiment...Family, design, creativity and the blessing of the opportunity!


Thank you Santa Claus.