Good to be on time, even better to be early!


I invited my director to a visit with me to a home in Kensington that I was designing! My task was designing the lower part of the home. The rest had already been completed and to such a high level I wanted him to see it!

We arrived early that afternoon, and rang the intercom!



“Hello it's Jimmy!


“Yes Jimmy the designer...”

“Oh yes please come in!” I should add that it's a Victorian home with the staircase on the left, leading down as we walked in!




Hello, I'm down here! It's that Jimmy? Oh yes please come in!Tina TurnerKensington Home, London

I look down and see Tina Turner! I exclaim... “Tina! Yes Tina, come down!”

 My boss following down the steps behind me was confused beyond belief...firstly because Tina was his favourite performer and secondly he thought I had set him up! Which I hadn’t! This was a surprise to me as it was to him! He still didn't believe it!


At the base of the stairs we greet one another and I tell Tina I had two things for her;

Tina: "Yes! What is it?!"

Me: "Can you please tell this blubbering being, my boss, that you and I haven't met before!"

Tina: "No we haven't! What's the other?!"

Me: "I'm a little mad with you!"

Tina: "Why me?!"

Me: "Well it's clear to me that the person I have been working with must be your manager!!"

Tina: "Yes! Why are you mad?!"

Me: "Do you know the creative juices I would have if I knew I was designing for you!"

Tina: "I understand that, if I make you a cup of tea would that make up for it!"


I gave her a hug and said YES!


We spent the afternoon chatting about design and life, with much anguish from my boss as the wonderful Tina was sitting right next to me!


I have to add that she was lovely and generous in her conversation and a truly warm and genuine person. We met again thereafter and although not one of my biggest designs in volume, certainly one of the most memorable.