In 5-10 years I would like to have reached a new plateau in the design world,
 one where I can make a difference and push new boundaries...


Key Career Moments

Place2Be Charity

Place2Be Charity is the Charity
I work with in the UK. HRH The Duchess of Cambridge is the Royal Patron of Place2Be. Place2Be supports 100,000 children across the UK by providing emotional and

mental health services...


Award by I4Design Chicago

A publication created by a charismatic gentleman
Mitch Oldfield! Whom with

his team over see the success of this well published

Olympoly Board Game

In 1983 my brother and I wanted to make a difference, we always loved watching the Olympics. As kids we were always competitive in athletics especially the 100 and 200 metre sprints. Alas there wasn't so much money to help up and coming athletes...

Grand Desert Hotel

What if, instead of a modern ‘in your face’ Hotel Resort with clean designs, modern materials and architectural mass...


Kathy Ireland and James Charles from HGTV's "House Hunters" talk about design

America's sweetheart Supermodel! Turned to design, some years ago! and with a very keen and talented eye created a major Design company with revenues now

reaching over 1.5b a year!

James Charles: Interior Design Trends

During a period of almost ten years I was on a Radio and Local TV Channel tour of the US promoting a New Design service.

James Charles Designs Homes for the Stars!

Renowned interior designer James Charles of shares his experiences designing homes for such celebrities as Tina Turner and Sean Connery. He's seen it all...

HGTV House Hunters
 New York

HGTV – Americas premier authority on design matters covering TV, print, web and more!


The most successful show to date with over 80 million house holds viewing the show!!